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Box Critters - https://boxcritters.com/

A new virtual world made by that same guy that did Club Penguin
Box Critters, Club Penguin, Virtual World

Decks (Memrise) - https://decks.memrise.com/home/

Online SRS (flashcards)
Memrise, Decks, Educational, Flashcards

Districts - https://districts.neocities.org/

Districts is a Neocities site directory
Districts, Neocities, Directory, Index

Old Castle Fansubs - https://oldcastle.moe/

Fansub group focused on older stuff less likely to be picked up elsewhere
Oldcastle, anime, subtitles

Peelopaalu - https://peelopaalu.neocities.org/

Peelopaalu is a miscellaneous link directory
Peelopaalu, Directory, Links

Post Office - http://afternoon.dynu.com/

Post Office is an anonymous textboard
Post Office, textboard